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Our Product Line



Nailed Wood  Our nailed wood reels are designed for packaging rope, cable and wire products. Specifications for flange thickness, arbor hole, cable slot and drive pin hole can be custom-tailored to meet your requirements. Our nailed wood products can be used as returnable or non-returnable packaging.

Hardboard  A number of applications, including welding wire, ground wire, terminal contact strips, lightweight wire and cordage, finely drawn wires, twine, ribbon, jewelry chain, fiber optics, to name a few, are appropriate uses for hardboard reels. Harboard reels feature strong, dense, smooth flanges.

Plywood  Our plywood reels are designed as lightweight, non-returnable packaging for wire, cable, rope, tape and chain products.

Wood/Metal  These reels are specifically designed for large or small quantities of in-process work. They are suitable for re-use - a real cost savings. We employ the strength and smooth surface of northern hardwood plywood.

Other fine Singleton products  Ask for information about our hardwood brush block line; spiral bound paper tubes; and recycled plywood and nailed-wood reels.

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